the world wide web is incredibly great with regards to communicating but do you still write letters?????

Via snail mail? No.

Just to receive things like birthday & Christmas cards, and bills. The only time I use it for outgoing is when I send a donation to some organization and the few greeting cards that we issue.

Very rarely these days, in fact I cannot remember the last 'letter' I sent via snail other than birthday cards etc.

Someone did pay me by cheque the other month, which I found really very annioying indeed :)

Personally, I miss receiving personal letters and post cards thru snail mail.. will you send me one??? LOL

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For business, financial etc no. Personal - great sometimes. Something nostalgic about it. Romantic sometimes. Couldn't imagine scanning a hand written love letter and sending it via email.

I still have checks from my last apt - I pay rent and utilities with checks. I use to send 7 page letters; I use send letters that wandered through mazes and their ideas were complete when it could go not further but if it rejoined another stream, they would blend seamlessly. I once bought a tablet of pages that could be broken into puzzle pieces and I would write pages and pages then mix them all up - good times, good times.

I can not remember the last time I sent out a handwritten letter. However, I do sent birthday cards with money in them to my nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

i still wish to receive birthday cards thru snail.. i find it thoughtful rather receiving greetings from FB..

Honestly, the last letter I wrote and recieve via snail mail was twelve years ago.

only for the holiday cards.

People may still send letters but even then, they probably use microsoft word rather than the traditional "handwritten letter"

Absolutely! I regularly correspond with a half-dozen people, I just sent a bread-and-butter note, and I'm about to be mailing Christmas cards.

...i hope to receive a lot of cards this season... send me one :D