hello, didn't know whether the rule is to start a new thread when introducing oneself, but since everybody else did, so have i. am temporarily subbing for our sys ad, but haven't a lot of experience, so i'm learning the ropes on the job. hope to learn from all of your experience.

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how much do you know?? subbing is always good, you pick up on thinkgs you didn't realize before. let us know if you need help


I also did as you did. Just went to the forums,Anyway if u wanna know me
Am SamY from Kenya and i think i'm the only one here.
I just broke up with my girlfriend last weekend 4 no apparent reason.My life has been kind'a bad but i want to start over with new friends. I like programming alot and i'd like to make my wn o/s one day!!!!!!!!!


i'll be fine.Maybe she wasn't meant for me.
This is because We met and I moved to another part of the country 300 km away.But i can't stop thinking of her.

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