I know this is going to be a great question but how many people use their computers for how mqany hours a day.
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7-8 depending how long i game for

Not counting reading the financial and international news on my iPad, I would say 3 to 4 hours.

Depends on whether you count a smartphone and tablet as a computer. I do, so with my laptop usage thrown in, I'd say somewhere between 10 and 11...

Given that I'm a programmer by profession, easily around 10 hours.

I average about 2 hours a day.

I would check my computer for updates every 2-3 hours then just download software for the rest of my time

I'm on my iPad all day. Mostly use it for social media and for reading the news.

I too do that when im not bothered using my computer

Whoa over extreme!!! a day would kill you if you were on at least 25 hours a day

a day would kill you if you were on at least 25 hours a day

Well.. uh.. nevermind..

more than 12 hours.

i did that once when watchin naruto from 9 to 11 at night

I average 1.276 hours per day.

I just cut my on the computer time down to less than 3 hours in the morning.

I don't get as much time as I should and I also don't get enough time to improve myself to a point to where I want to be with programming (due to school and sports) but I try to nail in about 1-2 hours of programming to improve my skills (I have been really diving into Java and Objective C/swift the last month or 2). And the other hours are spent doing homework. I don't really spend time doing social media or all that other meaningless stuff... aside from reading the news...