A new leaked image has came out for Windows 10 showing new icons on the Desktop including its new Recycling Bin which a lot of users are unhappy about.

Its Likely though that the build for the Beta could be sent to Window Insiders next week as the build reaches its release imminent stage.

I thought the icon looks like its been done by a Kindergarten kid.
I have also seen this on Bleeping Computer where i was talking to the Admin Grinler and he thinks that they look ugly!
Most of us on the bleepinforum agree that microsoft should trash their new recycling bin and put the old one back in action.

Microsoft has made many changes from Windows 7 to Windows 10. They redesigned the start menu (and made it worse) after having removed it in Windows 8. They've, yet again, rearranged everything so I have to go looking for the new locations, etc, etc. The thing I am absolutely the least concerned about is a new icon for the trash bin.

I would just stick with 7 at the moment until microsoft at least make things a bit better.

Icons with a Kindergarten look, refreshing! To be new you have to change something. Let's hope it is security that was improved.

Well, I just read an analysis of security holes in 2014 and according to the figures, the most holes were found in Mac IOS, next was Linux and in third place was Windows 7.

I read the analysis 3 days ago

Reverend_Jim: no doubt that other OS have (at least) as many holes in it (although I must admit I was a bit surprised to learn so), but Microsoft has over the years managed to p*** off a lot more developers, hackers, script-kiddiez, ... then all the other combined.
Next to that, if you want to write malware or virusses, ..., you'll write it for the OS that is distributed the most among non-IT people. That still tends to be Windows. So, even though the number of security holes is not the greatest, when we compare number of viruses, .. written for Windows or Mac IOS, Mac IOS might look a lot safer then.

As for the icons:
The idea to 'start from scratch' is a nice one, but that also meant they did <had to> rewrite all the code that was decent, instead of re-using it.
Compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 is not really user friendly, unless you are diddling away on a touch screen, way too much older software (games, tools, ... ) are no longer supported, even though some of them were only released under the label 'Windows Game' or something similar about 3 years ago.

A lot of companies have refused to switch over to Java 8, considering they've announced the discontinuing of support on Java 8.0 (already) ... well, that should tell them something. They clearly have a lot <of crap> to correct, in my opinion, they should get back on a decent backbone for their OS, without forcing the users to add (yet another) x GB ram, because, let's face it ... when Windows is in play, it consumes a lot.

If they manage to produce a stable OS, that can be operated on some decent yet not over the top machines, that are as user-friendly as previous Windows versions tended to be (the moments they did work, that is :P ), I don't think I'll make too much a hassle over some icons looking a bit 'bleh'.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't defending Microsoft. I was just pointing out some interesting numbers. When I have to get somewhere in a hurry I am much less concerned with the colour of the car than I am with its reliability and usability.

There was another leaked image 10 hours ago they look horrible they made it worse.

Can't wait till they finally go holographic, Then I can point to my cat to start an app, and really drag thing to the waste basket!

They changed the Recycle Bin icon? That's my favorite feature, and the only reason I use Windows! That's it, I'm officially and irreversably moving to Minix. This travesty cannot be be reconciled. Who does Microsoft think they are? Geez!

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I hope though the icon looks kindergarten but the system itself work better than windows 8.

I didn't know Windows had 10 new icons.