Ok, so it's the best day for you! Woohoo!! :D Unfortunately, not for me, I still have work tomorrow :( so tomorrow is my best day of the week :D

I'm just curious, what do you guys do on your day off? I usually meet with my friends to catch up on everything, go bar hopping and partying. Seldom do I spend it with my family, simply because I am seeing them everyday (not that I dont like seeing them) but when I do spend my rest day with them I make sure it's going to be a blast!

I want to hear from y'all! Happy weekend everyone!

My 'blast' comes in the form of my kids and wife. I used to be about that party life but don't care for it anymore. If my wife and I do go out somewhere, it'll be to a friend's house to kick back with bevvies. In saying that, I spend a lot of my spare time working on my home-based business as well as my online presence for my business. When I don't feel like doing that, my last resort is turning to Netflix or my Xbox.

I'm retired. Every day is my day off (or no day, depending on your perspective).

I try to enjoy every day. Fortunately, i like the work that I do so, while i do enjoy time off from work, i dont really have a favorite day of the week. Actually, the days of the week fly by too quickly.

In my free time, i try to spend as much time with the family. my kids will be on their own soon. I enjoy being outdoors, in the gym and eating out with friends.

I enjoy hiking in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, even on Friday the 13th.

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