Hello Everybody,

Well as you can tell I'm new to DaniWeb actually this is the first forum every I have joined.

I live in Australia

I have 3 Children

I'm old enough to know better .. lol :lol:

I love scented flowers, nice perfume, scratching around in the garden. I love my computer as we all do and MYOB, I couldn't run my business without it.

I have 3 dogs: a kelpie named Tess, a bullmastiff cross pitball cross sharpei named Mimi and an American Staff named Mr Wilson.

Best Movies are Shawshank Redemption, Men In Black (all of them), Die Hard (all of them), The Green Mile and plenty more just can't think of them at the moment. Oh most of Tom Hanks movies.

I don't really do much just go to work come home and clean up get on my computer and do the weekly shopping.

I'm pretty boring but like it that way it doesn't get me into trouble.hehehe ;)

Education: nothing much to rave about.. Self taught mainly, bits of this and bits of that, that's why I signed up here, I might learn something.

Cheers linnie :cool:

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yea this is a great community that has a lot of things that you could learn from no one is gonna bash your posts but try to get to a solution for problems. If your looking something interesting to try I suggest trying out the Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake linux distro its filling up most of my freetime.


Hello mikeandike22,

I don't know what Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake linux distro is!

Now a solution to my problem would be good.. Where should I go on Daniweb to post my question? It's all a bit confusing.


Hi linnie, welcome to Daniweb.

Where you go depends on the question really.

A good way to get started is to spend some time exploring the categories at the top of the page, read a few of the forums that look of interest to you, and jump in with your questions when ready.

Alternatively, tell us the nature of the question and we can point you in the right direction from here (don't post the question in full here though, it just gets confusing then.)


Hello happygeek,

I've just got a stubborn home page it won't reset.

I hope to have time to browse the site but there's a fair bit to read.

There is going to be a wealth of information here I think and can't wait to start.


Heh, sure does sound like spyware.

I think other's will agree that the best place for you is the Virus forum.


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