:lol: Hi to all fellow members, my beautiful Queen and me have been in South Africa now for just over a year. We were both born and bread in Kenya in the early forties. I fell in love with Jenny when she was 18 and I was only 16. Kenya's Independence caused many ex-pat families to disperse to all corners of the earth and I lost contact with my treasured sweetheart Jenny. But.... 44 years later, on the 31st of January 2005 while I was surfing the net back there in the UK, I spotted my loves e-mail address on the Kenya Korner website. To cut a wonderful story short, otherwise this little box will get too full to say anything else, Jenny left Australia and we met up together again in Johannesburg last April. It was a mind blowing experience to say the least. We are residing together in South Africa, where my Queens mother still lives at the wonderful age of 94. We both have our own self built computers running legitimate XP Pro's and my Queen is a very keen Win 98 fan. We look forward to be part of this great website.

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Hi palebushman, what a heartwarming story! Welcome to DaniWeb, I trust your stay here will be a valuable and interesting one.

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