Google's new look

Microsoft announced that they are making their own Linux OS

MSDOS mobile

May the Force be with you!

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Some folks will do anything to get fresh milk.

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I can't wait to see us humans colonize Mars.

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"I'm also really excited by CERN's discovery of the Force that binds the galaxy together."

:) haha.

hopefully we won't discover something that'll use the force to be used to jump across galaxies, or, will we?

I'd be happy just being able to jump from Winnipeg to New York (I wouldn't miss the 3 hour layover in Toronto, which is where I am currently passing the time).

Don't get too pecky guys think of the one thing we hate is that AI's can take over the earth anytime

Anyone can write a story about technology gone bad. There are a lot of stories about things going south when man decides "to play God" and is punished for it. "Playing God" pretty much defines all of modern medicine.

In a darwinistic way mankind will get extinct, thanks to medicine!

If you are into that kind of stuff (^Advanced AI) I recommend reading Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

Let's just stop and think about the Halo storyline ..if you are unfamiliar with Halo then you live an unfortunate life because it's amazing but for those that are familiar know what I'm talking about in terms of future tech.

Dani's Padawan: Enlighten us!

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."
... Hippocrates

When the future switches from being a promise to being a threat, it's time to leave!

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AI technology might take over and our body parts will be replaced with robotic arms and legs. They might try and force me too! Do not come near me I hate becoming a robot.

All they have to do is to remove the ever so vulnerable registry.
Will they call it Winux?