hi there,
i have done a few online tutorials and created my own site. it is a directory for racehorse trainers in australia.
pretty basic and has taken me a log time to construct ( pretty sure ive taken the long way round ) maybee thats the best way to learn.
the reason i have joined this forum is to learn a bit more.
i have a ? and would like to know what section of the forum would be best to post it.
my site is www.racehorsetrainer.com.au and i am offering trainers with web sites the opportunity to have a link with thier name to their site and the trainers without their own site can have a profile page linked to their name which i build for them.
my ? is can a trainer i have built a web profile page for change a portion of the page himself.
the reson i ask is some horse trainers would like to do a newsletter every sunday night and associate it with there profile page.
here is a page i built for rob price http://www.racehorsetrainer.com.au/nsw/stheast/robprice.htm if he could have a button on there that opened a new page with news that he could update himself via e-mail he could keep his horse owners upto date. thanks for your time and please keep in mind this is my first attempt at building a site.

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maybee i should have taken the time to introduce myself first.
im on the computer most days as i am a sports manager, booking agent for 5 jockeys in australia 2 in queensland and three in sydney.( i organise which horses they will ride each day ). so i decided it would be a good idea to try and build a web site with trainers details available and went a step further linking their names to their web sites and building basic profile pages for the trainers without web sites.
the site is in its early days and im hoping to build its profile up so the general racing public knows it exists.
im 40 and married and live in southern new south wales.
hobbies = surfing.
i enjoy learning although i found it hard to know where to start when deciding to have a go at building a web site and drive myself crazy trying to work out new things.


Hi gallopers, welcome to Daniweb. It has been a while, but back in the early 1980's I used to work as a manager for United Racecourses here in the UK, based at Sandown Park racecourse. The company were also responsible for the Epsom Derby, so it was great fun to be a manager there each year, running one of the enclosures.

It was a good time to be involved with the sport as I got to see, and pat, some of the great horses such as Red Rum and Desert Orchid for example.

Anyway, WRT your original posting. You should head over to the Web Development area where you'll find forums to cover eveything you need, including a lounge area just for web development related chat.

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