Hello everyone. My name is Nicole Miller, and I'm a 20-year Internet veteran, the author of "Outsourcing Through RentACoder," and software developer of "First Draft." I've worked online as an ExpertRating certified service provider for ten years now and have developed a sizable knowledgebase of Internet marketing dos and don'ts. Like you, I'm here to share and learn.

hello and welcome.

Hi and welcome to DaniWeb!

Thank you JorgeM & Dani. I'm so grateful this site still exists. You've gotten me through some pretty rough PHP code in the past. :-)

Us Internet old-timers (25+ years here) need to stick together. Welcome :)

hello and welcome :)
@up: 25+ there was only what? commodore? or even Amiga?
@OP: you will quickly notice how this system is not finished - I mean it lacks basic functionality.

Here we go again. If you took the time to actually read before you post then you might have noticed that the OP has been a member here since 2009. My guess is that she would not still be here if she thought it lacked 'basic fuinctionality' and, indeed, would probably not have expressed her gratitude for it being here.

As for my post, 25 years ago I was accessing things like Usenet/Archie via an Amiga amongst other things.