Hi everyone. Just call me Jem. I'm a college student studying about computer programming. Right now, I am focusing with web development and wanted to be a web developer someday. I know PHP, HTML5, CSS3, some JavaScript, Java, C, C++, VB .NET and SQL. Aside from my passion in coding, I like to cook, play video games, walk my dog, watch some movies, browse the web and chat with people. I am interested in making friends and possibly, a project team for creating some open-source projects in Git Hub.

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Hi, Jem.

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. We are glad you joined us.

These forums are an excellent resource: lots of good information and many knowledgeable members here.

It is a great place for the sharing of ideas. I am sure you will learn a lot here.

See you around the forums.


Thank you for the welcome, JorgeM and DavidB :) I hope to learn more from the Daniweb community

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