Ok well im new in here and new in the computer world. but im learning and i just need some help. im not even sure this is where to ask for it since this is just my intro, but im going to anyway because im desperate. ok well here i go. I have a problem with some trojan viruses. i bought spyware doctor and i think it helped a little but there are about 7 viruses that wont go away. so i thought when i do the scan for them that when it tells me the virus names i could just go to a virus encyclopedia find it and it would tell me how to remove them. But these viruses arent listed in any of the encyclopedias i found. they are trojan.popuper and trojan.zlob.AP if there is anyone who can tell me how or wher i can find out how to get rid of it i would owe you the world. Thanks so much genusarmy