I'm not quite sure how the Featured Blog thingy works, but I created a blog this morning about Universal's movie download service and noticed that PHP/vBulletin/something munged the apostrophes in the title when the blog suddenly appeared in the Featured Blog section. I went back to correct it (and add a note to say I had to change the title due to the problematic parsing of the title) and then found the blog had dropped entirely out of Featured Blogs..

Does that mean I've been naughty? :)

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Dani will no doubt have the full techie answer, but I imagine it was something to do with the title being a mess. I have re-flagged it as a featured entry.


I'm not quite sure at all why you were having problems with apostrophes. I tried duplicating the problem but was unable to. Being lifted from featured status is a bug on my end, that I will fix. The problem is that editing an entry is just like creating a new entry (but overwriting the old), and since you don't have the ability to set an entry as featured, the entry resets itself to non-featured by default.

Will fix right now.

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