Hello to you all:!:
You can call me Fred. That is what my mother called me when I was born over 60 years ago in the Boston area.
I am married with three grown children (two boys and one girl). We have four grandchildren (three boys and pone girl).
Both my wife and I work. She is a teacher and I am a clergyman. Currently I hold dual standing with the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church USA.
Recently I started in a new church ( I have served churches in New England, New Jersey and PA). I have also worked as a certified Paramedic. My computer interest began while at a church that had a computer but no people who really wanted to USE it. Thus I started to"Play". The person who built it once said to me "Fred, the problem with your system is 'the nut behind the wheel; if it says exec bat or config sys PLEASE DON'T touch it!!":)
I have been learning ever since. I will stay in the background and lurk just to keep on learning.

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