I'm basically interested in finding out how often fellow commuters update their music, and what do you use to find new music?

I currently catch the bus to work which is around 40 mins journey each direction, so it's handy to be stocked up on some new music to make the journey seem shorter. The problem I have is I often just watch lots of random new music videos on youtube over the weekend, and usually just pick out the very small number of songs I click with, say 5 to 10. I then update my ipod with these and listen to them for the rest of the week - eventually hating the songs by the end of the week because I've heard them so many times!

I'd really like to find an easier way to discover new music so I'm wondering what approach do you guys use? Do you proactively go through lots of playlists on spotify? Do you update your offline music player regularly? Or do you also end up listening to the same set of songs for weeks and end up hating your once favourite artists? :D

it's called radio, and it's great :)
Or I just plug one of the 1000+ CDs I have in my car CD player.

I actually talk to people. You should try it.

I had just finished reading a rather long article on a topic I find interesting. It had to do with the destruction of local community due to the increasing number of people who would rather "connect" via facebook, twitter, texting, anyway, it seems, other than in person. Whem I am in a restaurant I see people at tables who would rather text than converse with others at the same table. I was recently at Carnegie Hall listening to a magnificent new composition by a Hungarian composer. From the balcony I couldn't help but notice several people who had their faces buried in their iPads. Sad. Here at the cottage on Lake Shebandowan we used to have a connected community with frequent social functions at the community centre. That has come to an end, mostly because the younger generation no longer feels connected to the community.

Yes, my comment may have been not to your liking but it was prompted by these recent experiences. Obviously I also make use of technology to connect to people beyond my immediate sphere but I limit it pretty much to this forum. I do not pretend that Facebook Friends are the same as real friends.

My closing phrase "you should try it" was, on reflection, not entirely appropriate and I apologize for that. But I think you might have been a little more eloquent in expressing your opinion than just calling me an a$$hole.

indeed. Got the first taste of that years ago working in an office where people sitting in the same room would not speak to each other all day, communicating exclusively via email.

And it's got worse since. Peak of it I've seen so far is seeing an entire tour group in a major art museum standing around with their faces lit up by their iPhones and the glow of whatsapp, rather than appreciating the Rembrandts and van Goghs they paid to see.