Since I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer (conducted by Sun Microsystems) on January 11, 2001, I have been involved in web-based programming and development. Before that I had 4 years experience in windows programming.
In the last three years working in one of the world top companies, I was engaged in analysis and developing complex information systems based on client-server and browser-server architecture.
My current status is freelance developer - contractor working for various software companies from USA, Europe, etc.
I can provide various areas services for you, including:
Windows programming (GUI Applications, dB models, Custom DLLs, Templates creation).
Database development & dB normalization(SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Distributed Queries).
Dynamic & Static Web Sites Programming.
Conversion projects from Windows based to web based, and from ISAM (Access) to SQL databases (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle).
I will also provid implementation, training and technical support (24/7) for all of my customers.
my personal website is www.lhlth.com.
Seeking oversea job opportunity

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