Well, most people know me under my alias Digit, but it seems that name was taken. It also seems I registered here a while ago under the name Gamerpress, so I'll just use that. :cheesy:

My name is David Myers, and I design/develop websites. My latest projects are nerdpoint.com and talktutorials.com. Talktutorials is currently undergoing some revamping, but I'm pretty happy how nerdpoint is doing. It's basically a nerd based community, but it quite a bit of fun to manage and contribute posts to.

I also am a freelance webdeveloper, and co-own a design site called Qubit Designs. We're currently changing that site away from media, and trying to focus on small businesses.

Is that enough about me? :cool:

I'm looking forward to joining this thriving community.

- David Myers

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Great intro, David. I hope you hang around and post regularly.

I shall. Nice to see a face I recognize :)

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