Hi folks,
I joined DaniWeb over 13 years ago when the site was barely getting off the ground; it's good to come back here so many years later and find that the site is still here and thriving! ;-)

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Heh! Good to see you again. Well, we are still here but I think the word 'thriving' is something of a mahoosive exaggeration truth be told. Now that you are back that will all change though :-)


Excellent! You're still ranked #24 for posts after a 10 year soujorn!

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Lol- I noticed that too, diafol... and it surprised the HELL out of me. Let's just say that I spent A LOT of time here back in the day, OK ;-)

Hi Dave!!!!! Super welcome back. Of course I remember you ... you were originally from JustLinux, right? Looks like you were last active back in 2006. Wow, was it really that long ago?! We were going super duper strong between 2007 - 2013 or so, and then things started on a terrible downhill spiral.

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Hi Dani!

Yes Dani, you're right.
I started volunteering as an online troubleshooter way back in the very early days of computing.net, Linuxquestions.org, and JustLinux.org... long before DaniWeb existed.
I was initially introduced to Daniweb by a member of JustLinux (his name was Alex or Alec, IIRC), and after that I ended up spending almost all of my online troubleshooting time on DaniWeb rather than on the sites where I'd previously been active.

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"... and then things started on a terrible downhill spiral."
Why did that happen Dani? Any ideas?

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