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Well here goes - another year and a wide open championship.
England must start as favourites now that Ireland faltered against Scotland. France will be kicking themselves as they narrowly missed a win at Fortress Twickenham. Wales took Italy apart in the last 20 minutes, but failed to get a bonus point which may prove to be very costly. C'mon Cymru! Who will you be supporting?

Italy? :D They need to improve a lot, but here we felt the change in their approach, hope to see some great games this year!

Italy is Parisse, without him they are nothing and with him they are one star and a bunch of others. Italy has trouble playing as a team in my humble opinion. When they do that, and don't rely upon Sergio for everything, they look OK.

England. Average performance. However, even so it was still enough to beat a much better, re-generated French side. Says a lot for England, not so much for France.

Wales. Still can't seem to wake up for the first 60. You can't keep on winning matches when you do that. See England in years past.

Ireland. A shadow of the side that dismantled New Zealand. Maybe they need more people to die. Or at least find some reason to want to win enough to play like it.

Scotland. Now the Scots could be the surprise winners this year. Currently they look like the only side that might beat England.

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Can't really disagree HG. Wales England tomorrow. Will be watching it from behing the sofa. Can't keep any food down :( I am an eternal optimist, but this encounter is bringing in the stormclouds. If Wales win, it will be against everything we've seen over the last year and a half. If England win, then it's just another scalp on their way to another GS. Maybe Scotland can stop them. Ireland seem to have shot their load.

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13-8 half time. Ooo so nervy

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Ah ballocks. Last entry from me for another year. Hangs head in depression...

Let's be totally honest here: Wales vs England was a truly superb game of rugby from start to finish. Wales played with great flair, England defended like I have never seen them before. Possession was pretty much 50/50 (I think it ended up 49/51 to be precise) and the stats were well balanced across the board. Wales gave some silly pens, made some daft decisions (like not kicking to touch with 3 mins on the clock) but played at their absolute best for many years IMHO. England, and I've said this before, were not playing at their best yet they still managed to get the win over a quality international side playing out their skin. That is what gets me excited about this England side; the promise of what is still to come...

Indeed it was a great game! Let's see what will do Scotland now.