I come from China.Now I am a college student for two years.
As a computer fan,I like anything about computer and want to get on with others.
I hava the poor English,so I also want practise my English.:mrgreen:

Welcome to Daniweb :)

Hi. welcome to Daniweb.

As a computer fan,

You must be really close to the CPU.:cheesy:

welcome!:) Don't Worry About Misspelling Our Words.:!:
Many Americans Have Trouble With English Words.:confused:
So Keep Talking and Good Luck:!:

Big Dean:p

I want to understand, how to set up an IT services company in China. Can you please tell me how do I go about doing this


Welcome to DaniWeb Viva, for what it is worth your English is better than some I have seen from native English speakers!

HI Vsang, welcome to DaniWeb. Crikey, that is quite some question you have there and way beyond the scope of the introductions forum to be honest. This is just where you say hello and we all wave back smiling.

Try asking over in the IT Careers and Business forum.