Hello. I'm zsix aka z. I came here looking for a solution the some nastyware. I am not sure i am posting in the right place here. Just about every button i click sends me to a join page. I am forever clicking some stupid note that says my registry is corrupted but i think i will stop to pull my hair out.

Okay there is only one hair. Wait a minute that is not a hair. I don't know WHAT it is. What the hell i'll pull it out anyway. Ouch. Maybe i should not have done that.

I'm just a guy who is trying to learn how to build websites. I hope to graduate, soon, from nerd to geek. You will excuse if i appear not to edit. I am dyslexic.

Anyhow feel free to message me about anything but my editing because it it looks different to me. If you live in central Oklahoma and have some time to make a freind then that worx too. z

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