I have been otherwise occupied for the last 10 years or so - got a job with the IRS (boo, hiss) on a seasonal basis. Got back into making puddles of glass (casting) and bead-making. I started a project I call 'Ramdom act of art' where I walk up to random strangers (hence the name), state the project name and hand them a glass sculpture that I have made. I have been doing this for a few years now but I still have way more glass pieces than a person could consume in a lifetime. I have taken to hiding them around town and around the forest where my family has a cabin. I hide them along trails, next to roads , anywhere that an observant person might glance.

I am going to retire pretty soon - I consider myself semi-retired now since I am collecting SS and working only part of the year.

My place is still an absolute mess (though I did clean up the kitchen somewhat recently). I have a cat named Freya who I call GG (the cycle is Freya is Odin's wife and is sometimes referred to as Odin's Gold and also as the Golden Goddess hence GG). She is a black cat with gold highlights (shhh, she is a black and gold tortois-shell but don't tell her that).

I used to be a backroom techie but now just shout at computers and wax nostalgic about VMS and how wonderful the Amiga was.

Welcome back Grim! Wow, so much has changed in 10 years - bet you don't recognise the place, huh?

I am going to retire pretty soon

Welcome back and congrats. I retired in 2008 and haven't spent one second regretting it.

and how wonderful the Amiga was

You and I may be the only ones here like that. Of course, I imagine most people here were born post-Amiga. I was an early adopter with one of the original Amiga 1000 computers. I loved showing it off at work and my kids loved the games (Mindwalker, Marble Madness, etc.). Ever come across any way to set up a vmWare Amiga under WIndows? I wouldn't mind booting into one for nostalgia.

I'm an old Amiga fan myself. Cut my teeth as a writer for various Amiga magazines (Just Amiga Monthly, Amiga Shopper, Amiga Format, Amiga Computing etc) and was part of a demo/cracking crew back in the day.

The major Amiga mag on this side of the pond was Transactor. It was originally for the Commodore 64 but when the Amiga came out they moved to the new platform. I suppose I can calim to be a published author as well since I was paid for an article I wrote when it was still a C64 based publication. It was a very modest article on an assembly language routine to do a propogating move. Still, $50 is $50.

Welcome back!! I'm glad to see you were able to log in with the new Dazah platform. Has it given you any issues?

Dani, Yes it gave me fits b/c NOTHING looked the same and I had to tweek LastPass (my p/w protection program) to get in; the 'stay logged in' feature is pretty nice. But all is well now.

Back in the day - early Obama administration - there were some guys on here that seemed to be Libertarian but had names like 'Sturm' and said I should check out the website AceofSpades. I look back and realize that they were effing ƁltRight/White supremecists - back then I just thought they were clueless teens. Not blaming DaniWeb at all - just thinking about the discussions that came up back then (one of the guys who kept trying to convince me I was Libertarian eventually died of stomach cancer or something - I missed him b/c we had some interesting discussions. That 'Sturm' dude - don't miss him at all.

My Amiga 1000 was stolen during a burglary while I was in Paris; I bought a 3000 then upgraded to 1500 - I kept them for years but I was never geek enough to bring them into the 21st Century. My monitor blew up in 1999 and I ended up building a windoze machine from scratch. The Amiga is still the only machine I know of that could have 2 different screen resolutions at the same time (and it multitasked - multiple windows running the boing bounce). It was the goto machine for the world graphics competitions for the longest time.