Hi everyone,

I joined Daniweb YEARS ago and mostly forgot about it (work got super crazy for quite a while). Got more emails lately from the site and decided to come back and try to be active here. What would you like to know about me? Ask away & I'll answer anything I can.....


Yes, welcome back! What do you do for work?

Hi Dani!

I am a programmer analyst at one of the myriad NYC government agencies. Started with Foxpro for DOS, worked throught they many versions of the Fox until we got VB, did 1 project in Coldfusion & now programming in C# with SQL server for the back end.


Oh, very cool. Was Coldfusion ever popular when you were working on it? I don't know many people who have used it post-Macromedia days.

I know how you feel. My participation could have been better. Plus I have my idiosyncrasies. Hang, I have faith it will come. Have you perused code snippets?

C# with SQL server for the back end.

Around here, that was the bomb for data collection, reports and more.