Hey guys

I decided a while back that I wanted to get into coding. I started a few days ago with sever tutorials ranginf from how the internet works to codeacademy which starts me straight off coding simple Python. This seems all well and good but the problem I have is that there is just so much free content knocking about I dont actually know what would be the best logical place to start. I think the general consensus from what I can work out is to start with javascript but im open to listen to any advice people have.

Cheers all

Creating a web page with a little javascript seems to me like a good place to start because the barrier to entry is relatively low, and IMHO it seems like the concepts would be easier to grasp because there's something visual with a webpage. I've been programming my whole life though, so I'm eager to hear what people who learned programming more recently have to say of how they got started.

Thanks I'll give that a crack. Now to get my head around the basics (got completely lost after some Boolean equations threw me late at night) was going well until the tutorial decided it was time i knew the code I needed and it didn't help me

Well feel free to post here and we'll try to help as best we could. What confused you about the boolean equations? Was it double negative, or ...?

try codinggame.com and start having every day 15-20 minutes with your coffe/tea/orange juice and hacker news : ) @news.ycombinator - lots of amazing articles about programming, great pros in there as well and lots of good reads every day

I too had the same dilemma when I started my programming carrier. I personally prefer to learn from a source which provides me step-by-step guidance and teach me the connections between every line of code that i write. Last year, I bought myself a course from Udemy.com. There's an instructor on Udemy "Colt Steele". He has created an awesome course which take you from the ground to sky. Try buying the couse on sale, it's quite affordable and also solves the pain.

Do tell me what you think about it? :)

Hey all

Feel I've neglected this a little bit. All nice replies. I've since decided to learn html first just to try and get a good basis of getting my head around coding. Definatley give the games a try and trying to get a course seems the best bet also. Just for some direction because I've found myself lost on where to go next q few times

I've since decided to learn html first just to try and get a good basis of getting my head around coding.

If you want to develop for the web, then starting with learning HTML and CSS are indeed the first steps IMO.

I agree html and CSS are a great combo and lead into Javascript. https://html.com and https://www.w3schools.com will give you great free tutorials in html and the latter throws in some CSS. Udemy has some great courses and they really are exceptional value currently.
Anything you get stuck on we will all try to help.