Following on from the what's your poison poll

When everyone started posting there particular tea habits (I had no idea tea could be that complex) It reminded me of some of the weird concoctions I have invented or discovered over the years (I love to experiment with food)
So I thought what a golden opportunity to find out if there are any unconventional recipes I might have missed.

My favourit snacks are:

1 - Peanut butter n strawberry jam (jelly in the States, and common but not so in the UK, over here it's considered yuck but I think it's yummy)

2 - Marmalade and cheddar cheese on toast (not melted cheese, just sliced and layed right on top of the marmalade)

3 - Pitta bread toasted, open it down one side (it must be hot so you gotta be quick) Slap in some butter and Marmite

4 - SooperNoodles (curry flavour) with Tinned Mackeral or Sardines in tomato sauce (especially the spicy ones you can get now) on top !!

5 - Brioche (french cake roll/bun thingy) with Nutella chocolate spread (v thickly spread) and sliced fresh strawberries :-)

So have I missed any ?

they all sound delicious

Jaffa cake and banana sandwich

Peanut butter and banana toasties

Marmite and anchovy sandwich (cold or toasted)

Jaffa cake and banana sandwich

Even I find this one hard to imagine, I'll have to give it a try though.

I remember a girl at school who used to put the crisps and yoghurt from her packed lunch together into her sandwiches !!!

mmmmm........... chrisps & ketchup yum, chocolates dipped in yogurt - toffee yogurt is best, pringles and nuttella, mmmmmmm :d

-Fried plantains\ banannas

-Curried porkchops and homemade Nan bread

-Fresh mashed potatos and sauerkraut (I'm German)

-Vodka Penne Pasta (a local favorite)

-Anything Cuban, Vietnamese, or Indian

-Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!