My name is Peter, but my nick is DC or Lykil. I'm a newbie to web design in general. At first I will only be doing a single web page, but who knows whether I'm going to do more programming in the future. But for now, I need to do a boy-band-ripoff page, with pictures of myself and my friends. Important stuff!

I'm studying to become an electrical engineer, and that way, I have come across a lot of programming, in different languages. HTML however, is not quite the same. Would also like to learn a little bit of Javascripting.

nice :mrgreen:

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Hi Peter. Welcome ... what makes DaniWeb unique is that you can participate in one community for web design help, javascript help, and help with your electrical engineering degree.



I' Edith. As you can see I'm new to the forum. Presently I am a student. Sorry to say I know very little about the web. My reason for joining is to learn how to submit my website to the search engines. Infact this is how I found you in the first place. I made a google search for information and you were one of the sites that appeared in the listing.

I'm kind of thick when it comes to this, so please be patient with me. I have a website that has not done a thing in one year. that's not true it has done one thing, sucked money right out of my purse. Anyway I'd like help getting the search engines to recognize my site and getting the word out that I'm open for business.

Hope Ive come to the right place.



Welcome to you both. I moderate the HTML & JavaScript coding sections, so I'll see you over there.

However, I don't know or care about SEO, and am kind of a Google-cynic/skeptic. We have a separate section for SEO, however, full of people who can dispense reasonable advice on the topic.

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