Hi peps,

Just signed-up so saying hi from sunny Staffordshire in the UK.

Crazy mad football fan and also earn my living selling football memorabilia.

Also do a bit of stock market trading and betting on the football.

Not young but as the song says - I'm younger then I was.

Always willing to lend an helping hand if I can but don't claim to be an expert in anything but "me" :)


Hi KO, welcome to DaniWeb from cold Heathrow, about to colder as I'm heading for Helsinki today...

I hate the cold, might go to Florida for crimbo :-)

I'm off to Bangalore in a couple of weeks, that should warm me up a bit.

i dont like heathrow. Gatwick is nicer in my opinion (and more modern and less busy) - but it doesnt have a sman ydestinations i think

Given the choice I fly from Robin Hood Airport, my local one which is correctly known as Doncaster and Sheffield (DSA) but although destinations are increasing, more often than not I cannot get suitable flight times. Some places are one flight per day, at silly times for doing business. Shame, it is only a 30 minuite drive away instead of 3 hours to Heathrow.

i thaught u were nearer than that sorry (we live in surrey its about an hour but you can get the train to the airport terminal)

I used to live in Sutton, Surrey at one point - and Gatwick was my airport of choice back then, obviously :)

dont know where Sutton is, i live near camberley

Sutton is Worcester Park/Epsom way.