Hello, Dani and everyone! I got here the hard way, I guess. My computer is dead (all that is for another post!), and was googling, and found this site. Not going into the likes and dislikes. I like too much! I just enjoy life, especially since I had a car wreck 6 years ago. Really bad, and really made me appreciate the world!
I am 56 years old, step gramma to 6, and enjoy their visits.
I have my own atv, love the outdoors, and all, but I really enjoy my computer, most. I like games, ebay, and researching whatever comes to mind at the moment. I am still a novice, but would one day like to take courses in something computer related, most likely repair, since it seems I am getting a lot of practice already!
I believe that I will shut up now!


Hi Mickey :) Welcome to DaniWeb! Good luck with your troublesome computer.

Indeed, welcome to DaniWeb - home of the dead computer helpers :)

Car wrecks, huh? Was in a BIG one 8 years ago myself - car 5 in a 6 car smash up on the M25 motorway just outside London. As you say, makes you appreciate life a tad more following that...