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I think it's quite scary, so far for privacy:sad:. And I don't know how many people want to be this wel targetted advertised.

And offcourse you have an change that anything they sad won't happen (like the fuse between google an amazon.com)

But indeed worth watching.


few years old yet getting ever more relevant. Sadly most people won't notice what's happening until it's too late, and those that do notice are too few and in no position to do much of anything about it except save up for a small house somewhere in the middle of nowhere that's not connected to anything where they can hopefully drop out of the Matrix (because that's what it is, total control).


"the matrix is a world pulled over our eyes to hide us from the truth.." "we cannot be told what the matrix is - we have to see it for ourselves" we already live in a bigbrother society, with gps, mobile phone tracking, cctv networks, and software such as neotrace - making our lives that little bit more public day by day, and thats with out the blogs, emails, sms, mms

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