CAUTION.. I tend to ramble and make thousands of typos.

Now, where to start, where to start...

I am Sara and I am a 30-yo chick and mom of two boys. I just moved from the states to Belgium a month ago so I've been pretty busy lately and still trying to establish an Internet connection.

I am a programmer (C# and php primarily but can also handle vb.net, perl, and some java) and entrepreneur... OH and I like to blog I'm afraid. I think I have 5 right now, but I won't bore you with them. My personal blog is at http://www.ilovecode.com if you want to learn more about me.

I may know some of you from other forums, but this looks like a good bunch. Happy to be here. Since im on a 14k connection, I will stop at that. Hope to help out around here as well as learn from the rest of you.

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Glad you made it here despite your 14k connection. Hopefully your DSL gets turned on soon and you can join the land of broadband and happy surfing again. :)


Hey Sara,

I just visited your blog...it's cool !

It must have been a challenge to settle into Belgium...

Yes, I know exactly what you've been through. I go to Malaysia once a month and sometimes, it's so difficult to get connected. In today's world, how can we live without going online?


P.S. My blog is at: http://www.rogerloh.com

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