Your rig:
Mac Mini OS 10.4.7
Old IBM Celeron Fedora Linux
Toshiba 4025cdt Win 2000 SP4
Dell 2500 Win 2000 SP4
San Jose, CA
Outdoors/Nature, Hula, and Hawaiian Music
Outdoor Educator/Designated Computer Guy
"Me in a Nutshell" Bio:
Name - Junyah
Nickname - Junyah
Height - 5-7
Weight - 200
Hair - Shaved, Drk Brn
Eyes - Brown
Location - Da Otha Big Island
Age - 46 going on 18

I've had alot of living compressed in to a couple of lifetimes. I had was a career police officer, switched to a park ranger, and now im a outdoor educator in the parks and I'm the DCG cuz I know just enough to get me in a little trouble and just enough to know when to quit, and just enough to say i dont know about that.

I used to take apart things when I was a kid and hung out a radioshack and music stores. I messed around with z80, 8086, 6502, 6800, apple ii, mac and pcs ... did a little programming played with midi equipment, amps and effects. i finished school, got a job and that stopped .. but my last job a computer was down and i took out the manuals, downloaded some software and it came back .. so my additional duties cuz of budgets are working on the office computers and network when i'm not outdoors teaching

Hobbies - photography, fishing, camping, hiking, hula, guitar, ukulele, and playing gigs with my band.

Tech Hobbies - Recyling old computers with Freedos/Freeware or Linux and giving them away to old folks and Kids who dont have computers.

Latest Project (For Me - Sentimental Value) Restoring a Tandy 2800 adding recyled notebook parts and Dos freeware and any dos program from that era. I wanna make it a memorial to my friend who committed suicide - this was her computer.

Relationship Status - single, divorced

Tunes - Everything (Favorites include - Cajun, Texmex, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, and of course, Hawaiian)

Education - Some College, Police Academy, Cal State Hard Knocks.Advanced Officer Schools and Some More College, Outdoor Ranger School, Some More College ....

Favorite Movies - Pee Wees Big Adventure, What The Bleep, and Lilo and Stitch

Favorite TV Shows - Spongebob, Hot Hawaiian Nites, and Austin City Limits or any show that features live acoustic m

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Hi Junyah, welcome to DaniWeb.

Aloha 'Uhane HappyGeek Mahalo for your quote

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