Name is Rickard for those worthy of it (you) and Joey to everyone not worthy (someone else than you).

25 years old Swedish wannabe knowitall,
Good at nothing average at everything. :cheesy:

Been a happy hobby "learning to program" IT dude for as long as I've had a computer (14 years).
So far I've masterd basic HTML tags :eek: and writning the Hello World program in I don't know how many languages.

As it is now I'm trying seriously to learn Python. I googled for "learning python forum" and ended up here and from the looks of it, it seems to be the right place.

Learning Python was a simple decition, it stood between Python and Ruby. But with Ruby it is like this (at least I've heard) if you know nothing about programming it is easy to learn, of you know lot's about programming it is easy to learn if you know a little about programming you in for a world of confusion. Well.. I can vouch for the knowing little about programming confusion.

So Python it is, since it is pretty much the way I intuitively feel how it should work (at this stage in my life anyway).

Anyway, just thought I should intruduce myself here.


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