Hi everyone. Here's what I need help with -

First off, I've started using Flash, and, having made a few shorts, I became extremely frustrated with its seemingly unusable drawing tools (how am I supposed to draw a curved line?) and having to use a clumsy mouse.

So first off, I started thinking - "What about one of those LCD drawing tablets?" so I look some up, and what do I see? a £1000 price tag. :( Not for me then...

So that's my first question - does anyone know of any affordable LCD tablets?

Then I realized - "My PC has a 35 gig C drive, no DVD writer, hardly any RAM, a slow CPU, and my GFX and sound cards are completely out of date and it would probably be more economical and easier to just buy a new one." But I am not hugely amazing at technology, and lack the knowledge, time and drive needed to build my own PC, so that is pretty much out of the question. So I was wondering about a tablet laptop - I am a gamer, and prefer the PC because of the ease of upgrading its components, the cost, and the general power advantage, but if anyone knows of a relatively affordable tablet laptop with, say, a 2 - 3GHz CPU and some RAM to burn, that would be great.

Then, having researched some tablet laptops, and seeing that they weren't hugely powerful, I started thinking about a new PC.

Which is my main query - does anyone know of an affordable, up-to-date PC with a 2 - 3GHz CPU, a decent bit of RAM, and, preferably, a DVD writer?

Cheers, DG :D

i cant really be of much help with the lcd tablet im affraid, however argos have some standard graphics tablets for around £40, on www.ebuyer.co.uk you can get a standard system (excl monitor) 2ghz, 512mb, 80gb hard disk, dvd rewriter for about £200 with mouse and keyboard, www.maplin.co.uk are also pretty good for hardware.


Most things you want are standard in an desktop PC these days. Only the tabloid good be troublesome. You might want to check out an touchscreen.

And BTW, drawing with the mouse in flash is easy. to make an curve you just have to edit the line a little bit. Some very good flash movie's are made with the mouse. Just don't expect the line to be perfect at once.
And to don't expect an tabloid to solve the problem.

Thanks for the great response everyone! I will practice my curved lines lol. How do I edit the line?