well I love surfin the web and surfin the waves..
At the moment
- into wikipedia - been helping updating content too esp in movie stuff
- downloading shareware n freeware
- making my own homepages..
- luvvvvvvvvvvvs movies. all kinds anime, foreign, kung fu, comedy..
- love knowledge in how to protect my PC from nasties
so I will be posting more questions and hope I get quick help here

any one from this side of the planet, give me a yell out..
always keen to meet new friends

Kevin , Gold Coast

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Hi Kevin, welcome to DaniWeb from a not very jealous that you live on the Gold Coast while I am in wet and cold Yorkshire. Oh no, not jealous at all :)


Hey Davey aka HappyGeek.... thanks for the reply...

it is spring into summer here mate, get your beach towel out n head out to the beach... cool webpage you got there, I also found out about Tom's hardware webpage, so much info, will keep me reading for days . ..

are you into science stuff? I picked up this popular science mag other day, wow, can build my own home security robot for <$1000 .. cool..
and also build my own Jet engine bike for $750.. hmm not sure the cops would like me using it on the road .




I'm afraid my webpage suffers from plumbers toilet syndrome: the plumber will install shiny new toilets all day long, but his own is a stinky leaking mess :)


HI . I am Chandru . Shortly , Chandra mohan. I am a little jovial person who has much interest in new techlonoligies.

Eespecially in software fields.I am an Engineering student.

I am in urgent need of a electrionic project which would work on c++.

So my dear new friends if u know any of a good project in c++, help me....
IF U CAN. . .

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