Hello everyone. I have just registered on this site, about time to. I was thinking about this for some time as I have been reviewing some blogs featured on the main page and read some of the tech talk topics. Also I took the liberty of quoting some of these in my clan's forum, ofcours with everytime including it's source and proper credits. I am glad to be a part of this community as I seek to enrich my overal IT knowledge.

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Hi there, and welcome to DaniWeb. I do hope you don't mean that you copied entire blog or forum entries to your own site forum? A very brief extract and a link to the postings here is how it should be done to avoid copyright infringement issues.


As I said before, a brief extract or quote, with a link pointing to the actual posting, be that blog, forum or tutorial, is the way to do this. Not the wholesale copying of DaniWeb content.

Sorry to get all heavy on you in the welcome thread, but we do have to protect our content as you can imagine.

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