Kev here from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I run Admiral Service, a small PC repair business. Spent a lot of time on other computer forums and was referred here by my friend, Dan from Maryland.
I am a stickler about trying to circumvent the efforts of these criminals who develop and distribute malicious software, malware being the largest problem for the average PC user these days.

Hope I can be of some assistance and maybe learn a few new things for myself.



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Hi Kev, I wish everyone took the same attitude to dealing with the malware problem then it might not be such a porblem at all. Welcome to DaniWeb.


Yes, it certainly is a problem. I spend about 90% of my repair time doing malware cleaning.


It occupies much of my time also, writing about it, giving keynotes to directors of banks/credit card companies and even government representatives here in the UK. It really has become the single biggest problem we all face in IT, methinks...


Sure enough has.

But as long as there is money to made by distrbuting this stuff, we're going to be dealing with it.

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