I have "Pole Position" and "Starship Andromeda" for the commodore 64 and tried to sell em on ebay but no one did the $1 starting bid.
They are completely sealed and unopened and never been played
does anyone know how much they are worth?

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Sorry dude I've got about 300 unopened c64 games in the attic.Remember when they were 25p each after the megadrive and nintendo came out?Thats when all us home computer advocates got our stock.They said we would be extinct in 5 years but who got the last laugh now!? :)
Truth is they're not going to be valuable for another couple of decades,if ever.

C64 was the original affordable pc and just not worth owning now because of the freely available emulators.Would you rather watch the epilepsy-inducing C64 load screen for 30 minutes while the tape drive tick-tick-tick-tick-ticks or double click on your emulator and instantly play flimbo's quest with a usb joypad?

I know what I prefer :)


Yeah, to be honest eBay is the metric of collectable value these days. Do a search to see if anyonme else has sold similar there recently and what they got, but don't plan on retiring somewhere hot on the proceeds :)

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