Hey all,

I decided to do a Google search to find a good forum to meet others in the IT world, so here I am.

I'm pretty much a forum newbie, although I've been an on/off lurker on other forums around the net: dvdtalk, anandtech, arstechnica, fatwallet...

Anyway, I'm 29 and will have been married for nine years next month. We met on an IRC chat room, but the ironic thing is ever since I think I've been in a chat room like a total of three times. I have three kids, current ages: 7, 5, and 3.

I love Jesus, my family, computers, DVDs (TV & movie), music (all sorts, but mostly christian hard rock (and I do mean hard)), and a few other things that don't involve the outdoors :rolleyes: . I'm pretty much a hermit (unfortunately for my wife).

I just started my senior year on my Bachelor's degree in IT (with emphasis on Internet Systems Development). I should have it finished up by the end of next summer. I have been in the Air Force since Dec. 2001 and will most likely be getting out Dec. 2007. That means that the next year will be full of job hunting.

My main job in the Air Force is basically to test the electronics (avionics) components that come off the B-1 Bomber on a test station and then replace the faulty parts, but for the last 15 months my ADDITIONAL duty (in actuality my full time job) is to run the supply portion of our shop as far as managing all the parts that come in to the shop, which leads to my second job, which is to administer the Access database that maintains said info. Unfortunately the database is a Visual Basic/Access hybrid that has been patched together over time. It needs a serious revamping which I don't even begin to have the time to do. :eek:

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. A rather LARGE nutshell, mind you.

I hope to get to know many of you.


Hi Jake and welcome to DaniWeb! Good luck on the job hunt ... if you're interested, we have a Job Offers section here under the IT Water Cooler category. But, regardless, welcome and enjoy :)

Hi Jacob, welcome to the friendliest tech community online, bar none. If you can't make new friends here, there is no hope for you :)