Hi everybody,
Just wanted to take this time out to introduce myself to the chatting IT community. I think its great that there are websites like this that we can help each other out with things that we dont quite understand.

Let me introduce myself a little bit

Name: Sean
Ht: 6' 2''
Eyes: GreenishBlue, they always change
Where I reside: Hawaii

Hobbies: Reading, computers (duh!), health related issues, graphic novels, biking, surfing (when I get a chance, it seems like Ive been working relentlessly)

Education: Interdisciplinary Studies of Biology and Anthropology
Persuing a Masters in Epidemiology

Likes: Open minded people who are friendly

Dislikes: Closed minded people who have no sense of humor and a poor persona, after all, lifes short, lets not be jerks!:cool: .

Reason for joining up with Danniweb: Want to talk IT and share IT knowledge with other people in order to learn more and help others.

Well, Im sure Ill get to know everybody more as time goes on!

Sean D.

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