I heard about the forum on my IRC chat... I have heard some good things about it. right now im in a cisco networking training class, but we havent learned a single thing. the teacher belives I need to go threw the basics first. >_<..... we built computer inclass when he has like 20 bran new ones in the back room. he said we cant use them till the second quarter. I know the basics from my computer repair class... it sucks. there is a guy in my class that was on this weird page that had c++ on the title I asked him that and he said im not telling. I looked up on google and I hear all this stuff and now I wanna learn. can someone give me like A super basic run up of it PLZZZZ
im 17 ^_^ going to high tech instetute here in cali after high school :D

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Welcome to DaniWeb my friend.

I'm not really sure what it is you are asking for help with here but here isn't the right place anyway as this is purely for saying hello to the rest of the community.

The right forum could be Network Configuration or C and C++ but it all depends exactly what it is you want to know.

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