Since this is a 'geek's lounge' what kind of music does a 'geek' listen to, more interestingly, what kind of music do YOU listen to :lol:

Alternative Rock -> Heavy Metal

Nothing comes close to that.

In no particular order:

DJ Tiesto
The Doors
Ron D Core
System of a Down
Roni Size
Amon Tobin
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath
Nine Inch Nails
Dick Dale
Van Halen
Judas Priest
The Chemical Brothers
DJ Dara
The Misfits (with Danzig)
DJ Kryptic
DJ Shadow
Daft Punk
Aphex Twin
Black Flag
The Who
Gray Matter
The Dead Kennedys

The list goes on, but that gives a general idea of my musical background. :)

classic rock, alternative rock, modern rock, and pretty much anything else except pop, hip hop and harcore.

collective soul
the who
matchbox twenty
eric clapton

are some of my favourites.

Well this old 'geek' can be found listening to pretty much anything from Country to Classics, from Rap to Pop!

I was a music lover long before I was a 'Geek', and my tastes stretch across pretty much all Genre's, perhaps with the exceptions of 'Metal' and 'Techno'. I've particular fondness for Roots Blues, Zydeco, Bluegrass and various other forms of 'Local' music to be found around the globe.

But as far as 'Favourites' goes, there's little to beat the corny, cliched old rock and country songs, sung poorly and drunkenly around a campfire in the Bush at night.

Whoa music, Classical, Heavy metal are my most favourite. As I find myself listening to it half my time a week. For the rest, I'm quite picky as I like the some of the songs, but because I like one doesn't mean I'm going to get every song of the band.

commented: That's the good stuff :) - Slade +9

A little of this, a little of that...
Mostly Pop, Alternative, Classic rock, easy stuff and what ever else I think sounds good.

Whoa music, Classical, Heavy metal are my most favourite.

You Rock man, Metal is the best.

Heh, I guess were metallized to metal

Ahhhh, music,my first real love in no particular order- The Smith's,New Order,Iggy Pop,Aerosmith,Thin Lizzy,Queen,Chili Peppers,Social Distortion,Bowie,T-Rex,Alice in Chains,Ramones,Leon Russell,Free,Stones,Tommy Bolin,Beatles,George Harrison (solo),Led Zeppelin,Todd Rundgren,Yes, too many more to mention.I'm really new and probably shouldnt probably be here but it's nice to belong just the same

Everyone is welcome in these forums! Welcome to the forums! (see)

Depends what mood I'm in or what I'm doing. So when I'm...

Doing Graphics...........Jazz/Blues
Doing Analytical Stuff (like HW)...... Classical
Working Out....... Rock/Pop

I listen to almost anything, from classical to heavy, and even underground death metal (used to)... but lately, i'm into 80's pop... new wave and stuff...

Techno-Keiko to Derrick May,WBMX House music, Rock-From Ozzy to the Police and many in between,Rap-From Tribe called Quest to Xzibit,Jazz several artist, no classical or to much country.

Tool, Floyd, A Perfect Cicle, The Beatles, The Whitlems, Mike Oldfield ... etc.

Defianetly the 70's was a musical awakening, for rock anyways(i.e. Led zeppelin, Jimi hendrix, clapton, the doors, and all that stuff). The 80's, soon after the 70's :p, took a turn for the worst, with the exceptions of a few bands (i.e. metallica, AC/DC, The pixies, and Alice in chains). The 90's is my favorite music generation, it really defined alternative and grunge music(i.e. Nirvana, sound garden, Toadies, cake, beastie boys, tool, nickelback). Im not liking the stuff im hearing on the alternative radio station now, hopefully they can salvage it. So it seems, to me, that musical greatness has come around every 10 years or so. 60's had really good music too, but I wont talk about it too much because it dispoves my theory of rock music skipping

errr..... uummmmm........

"Led zeppelin, Jimi hendrix, clapton, the doors......."

The production date on the CD might say sometime in the very early 70s, but all those are products of the '60's you'll find.

More like late 60's early 70's. Jimi hendrix was more in the 60's but still active in the 70's. Led Zeppelin started out in 1968, hit it big about 1970 and lived until 1979. Eric clapton released his self-titled album about the mid 70's after playing with 60's bands such as the yardbirds, which I might also add Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin played in before starting Led Zeppelin. The Doors career started in 1967 and ended in 1971. So, yes they are all 1970's bands, and I am prepared to back all that up if necessary.

The roots go much deeper than that, I'm afraid. You're talking about the music from my era here! :D

Jimmy Page was a prolific session musician pre-Yardbirds, and had done quite a bit of work with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in the time when Eric Clapton was first maturing as an artist in his own right. Earlier, Clapton had been involved with Tom McGuiness (later of McGuiness Flint fame) and then had his very brief flirtation with the Yardbirds, leaving because the band denied him the directions he wanted to pursue. There were also connections with Alexis Korner, another fine British bluesman of the mid '60s.

Jimi Hendrix, although US born, was also a product of the mid-60s British R 'n' B scene, and his band members had a history of connection with the lesser known greats of the era. Noel Redding, for example, took up his position in the Experience rather than acepting a gig with Eric Burdon's 'The Animals'.

The Doors were borne of Ray Manzarek's passion for the re-emergence of R 'n' B which was happening across the Atlantic, rather than of Jim Morrison's passion for poetry and drugs.

Of all the artists you listed, only Eric Clapton's solo career occurred during the '70s, although his style was firmly rooted and developed in the decade before. Damned if I can see how it's '70s music, especially when the best works of all of them were produced during the '60s!

Jimi Hendrix died in September 1970, Jim Morrison died in June 1971. A few more of their peers left the building at around the same time, and thus ended the '60s :D

Well, you make a compelling argument, besides I dont want to argue with a man who lived through that time and could appreciate the music first hand. Im just a young wipper snapper who wants to sit back and rock out to the rockinest era in music.
The music was too good to be argued about such trivial facts. You can make arguments from both sides of the fence whether they were 60's or 70's. Its more of an era, an era when rock and roll first came to be in its raw form. Besides, as much as I love the music, you know more about that era of music than me :p

I think that considering music as belonging to 'eras' which correlate with particular decades is a misconception, and I'd disagree with your contention in relation to 'skipping decades'. The history of music is a progression of changes, and the turning points can be identified as having no particular patterns at all, really. The early 70s was one, for example, with the influence of Gram Parsons in particular integrating Rock and Country. The late 70s was another, with the emergence of Punk. Those turning points pop up when they are ready to do so, not when the appointment date is reached ;)

ok fine, you win, you've made me look like a complete moron. The issue is dead, it died on my last post, stop shooting it! I guess all I can say is I love Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the classics, im sure they dont care what classification we put them in. Music is music its nothing else, it should flow, and it shouldnt be looked upon so analytically and mechanically. If you care to disagree with me there, dont bother posting because I dont care.

Hey! Whoah! Who the hell is having a contest here?

Sorry if you're offended, but I was just having a jolly old discussion about music. If anyone was made to look silly here I think it was me, when I went babbling off on a sidetrack before actually reponding to the gist of what you said!

But hey, if you get all upset because I disagreed with you, then I can't help that. I wasn't trying to make anyone out to be a 'moron' :confused:

Dammit! I was enjoying the discussion till just then! :(

Im sorry, I believe I take things a little too seriously sometimes. I just thought I knew something about music, until yesterday. They only classic rock band I really ever studied up on was Led Zeppelin, and a little Jimi Hendrix. The only thing I really know about Jimi Hendrix is that while did live in the united states, he went to england to form the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and was considered as apart of the British invasion. Oh well, sorry for the misunderstanding

mostly alternative rock
-Yellow Card
-A Perfect Circle
-Linkin Park
-Starting Line
-Blink 182

alternative rock
punk rock
hard rock

I like any kind of rock. Some of my favorites include The Beatles (duh), Stones, Eric Clapton with whatever band he happened to be playing with, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Nirvana, Sting, U2, Greenday and jon peter lewis.

wow u 2 realy kno your music espessially u 'catweasle'; yo 'moderaate rock'... dont get me wrong, u do know alot about music. i dont like arguing about stuff like music either.

...o and i like mucis like
led zepelin ; eric clapton
jimi hendrix ; jack johnson
greenday ; dire straits
Five For Fighting ; Fleetwood mac
Metallica ; Nirvana
Pink Foyd ; Queen
Red Hot chili pepers ; AC/DC
The doors ; CCR
The Eagles ; The Beatles
BLack Sabbath ; Blink 182
Coldplay ; Dashboard confessional
Dave Mattews Band; Elton John
Lynyrd Skynyrd ; R.E.M.
Radiohead ; Rolling Stones
Sublime ; Sum 41
The Toadies :)(thanks to some1 on daniweb)
i hope i didnt forget anyone

errr..... uummmmm........

"Led zeppelin, Jimi hendrix, clapton, the doors......."

The production date on the CD might say sometime in the very early 70s, but all those are products of the '60's you'll find.

Well, I'll have to go along with those, however, with a mix of country and classical to round out the taste buds. I know, I'm weird...

With all the genres and sub-genres and made-up genres these days I don't really know what I listen to. So I'll just say rock, usually melodic.

The likes of Superdrag, James, Feeder, British Sea Power, The Relict, Fountains of Wayne, Teenage Fanclub, Sugar, Symposium, Wilco, Weezer, Melys, The Shins, Ambershades, Silver Sun and Mostly Autumn to name just a few. There's quite an eclectic mix there.

Also, I want you all to listen to my band, The Cakes -
"Joy Division meets Queens of the Stone Age" said one person. Pulp, New Order, Oasis, Nirvana, Human League (!) and Gary Numan are just some of the people we're said to sound like. Even if that doesn't sound appealing, take a look at the website, it's funny. ;) :D

(I've just realised I've shamelessy plugged my band...sorry:eek: )