Nickname: Bri-Bri (but only by people who are OK with that - my wife does not like it....)
Height: 5'10'' << with my arch supports and shoes on!
Weight: 163 << but trying hard to get to 168
Hair: Grey, brown, silver, whatever
Eyes: Grey
Location: CA (more specifically SoCal) in the Coachella Valley
Age: 48
Hobbies: Golf, poker (not so much a hobby as a small income), reading, writing, rithmatic (truly), puters, of course.
Relationship Status: happily married

Fav Music: mostly produced by now dead great guitar players, like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi, Roy Buchanan, defuntc bands like Pink Floyd, Traffic, Blind Faith, and by still acitve bands like U2 and just plain old (and I mean old) rock and roll and I like some jazz and classical as well, zat enough?

Education: Computer Science, Math, English, Spanish

Work: Mortgages, Financial Planning, Computer Consultant
(looking for work, but there is a dearth of opportunities here in the (Palm Springs Area) desert). Wannabe poker dealer.

Favorite Food: Steak, Lamb chops, mexican food, sushi

Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, The Professional, Pulp Fiction, Slingblade

Favorite TV Shows: Wheel and Jeopardy, House, Scrubs, Simpsons

Favorite Video Games: Nothing since Asteroids....

Stuff you Dislike: Politics, snipes, hypocrisy in any form,

On the other hand, I like curmudgeons, people who have an attitude and behave accordingly, as long as it is genuine, I can deal.

So there it is, overly verbose, as usual.
I hope I have as much to contribute as I take from all of this!




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Hey there Sir, welcome to DaniWeb, i am sure you find the solution to all your problems here.

And btw even I like House, Simpsons and Scrubs :D

[EDIT] Arghh.. Miss Dani beat me to it [/EDIT]

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