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900 Mhz w/768 Mem, 3 Removal HD's. Cannot boot in Safe mode from OS or from Win CD. Cannot open Firefox Browser. Can run IE6 and Incredimail XE and Outlook Express. Have just run SFC and Registry Mechanic. Ran SpyBot. Zone Alarm Security Suite crashed and would not run properly. Removed from the regristery with uninstall and RegSeeker. Could not remove all of the ZA regristery enteries. Installed temperially AVG software w/firewall. All seems to work OK as far as it goes. One other thing I must mention. This computer has printed on the screen in the Google search box, the words backwards and from right to left five different times. Not always in the Google box, Two times in the URL header box. I have witnesses to all occasions, so I'm not going crazy. Right to left and the letters were backwards. So help me God. Perhaps I need a Priest to clean this Computer From Hell.

Bob Moorman
Trinity Texas


Bob, welcome to DaniWeb - but I think you need to head over to the Viruses, Spyware and Other Nasties forum as quickly as possible and see if they can sort out your demonic machine...

I have run every scan for bugs, virus, worms, and anything else I could conceive of with all the software I could lay my hands on. I have a Router firewall and Zole Alarm Security Suite w/Firewall was running for the last year of so. Not that something could not get through, but if so, nothing has found it so far. I think at this time, I will purchase a new hard drive and install a fresh XP Pro and start all over. Seems there is no answer to the problem, but I sure would love to know how the computer printed on the screen right to left and with the letters backwards. I would settle for that knowledge alone. Is there no one out there that has experienced that situation?

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