Hey, I am twixie..known as this for my love of.....the chocolate bar the twix.
I hail from the North East of England, but I am a Scot by upbringing.
I am 33 years old (was nice to read that the average user age here was 30s...at least I will not be an oldbie!)
I am a senior uk roadie by trade and a part-time bassist.
I am just starting out on my forum creator career...so I am going to be in here a lot. I do have web exp. but the creation of forums that are not free host based is a mystery to me. :eek:
Hobby wise...I have a terrible addiction to Metallica and Fable TLC. I also like reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, studying the occult, wrestling and knitting.

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Hi Twixie, welcome to DaniWeb.

What are your feelings towards Kit Kat? :)

It is ok, as long as it has been chilled. :lol:
I am so glad I found this site, it is really helpful and contains a lot of good infomation. Not often that one finds a palce that contains so much.

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