Hello Everyone, I purchased a used Toshiba 4600 laptop from a military auction on fort Knox today, little did I know that it would be password protected. I knew that the hard drive would be wiped clean. Does anyone know how to get pass/deactivate this? (Help)


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I'd check the details of the auction, if the password protection lockout wasn't mentioned you should be complaining loudly to them.

However, best to ask that question over in Tech Talk, the precise forum depending upon the OS concerned.

Oh, and welcome to DaniWeb my friend.


Unfortunately I can't help but is the part about you purchasing it at Fort Knox a joke? :)

No joke, I'm retired military and have access to fort knox. The post has equipment auctions every six months or so. You can really purchase a variety of older military equipment, furniture, computers, laptops, etc... All this equipment is surplus/outdated but not worthless. anyway I bought the laptop for a bid of $50, but the caught is that you purchase the items as-is no warranty. If you live near its worth checking out, cause its open to civilians also. Only thing you need to get on post is a valide drivers license. Any how let me check to see if anyone can help me past this power on password

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