Hey, I know that was tacky but I am a closet geek so what can I say. I guess I am supposed to introduce myself here, so here goes. Forgive me if I am to in depth, I enjoy writing.
I am 22 years old as of September 16. My name is Franki, I live in Ohio, U.S.A. but am origionally from St. Louis, Missouri, also U.S.A.
I first got into computer programming when still just a freshmen in High School. There was the ever so cool kid who was learning HTML, and I, being a very curious person, asked a bunch of questions. I spent years using HTML more than I did studying it. I guess it was so easy there wasn't much to learn. Which, in my opinion, rendered it usesless as anything other than the gateway language to bigger, better things.
Next, I spent about a year studying varioius versions of HTML and XML. But it wasn't till I found out what java could do on any other computer besides mine, that I was enlightened to high-level programming languages. I studied JavaScript and VB in a desperate attempt to learn anything useful and powerful. And then, I found python.
To be honest, I thought this would be just another dead end road with my computer, but no, everything works well enough to learn.
I am always looking for more things to learn, and I find that most tutorials for python dumb it up so much that I have no clue what they are saying. I need to be taught as technically as possible, because I have a very analytical mind, and the only way for me to process a thought is for the thought to be processed on it's own , at least be analyzed more than I could potentially analyze it.
Well, this is getting long, and you all have some posting to do.

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