hiya people of the computer world i am Gex, this is my online name i do play world of warcraft and sometimes sof and sof2. i am as mad as a brush when i get on sugar but most of my friends say that is a good thing. (the others i dont care about hehe)

i have one thing i like to say, if you dont be yourself you might as well be a blunt pencil.......cause your pointless! and too all the people who dont like people because of what they look like and what their hobbys are...i just plain dont like you either so ner. :twisted:

ok well i am 18 i am from Sheffield UK, i like going out, playing wow, guitar, aggressive skating (when i have time). i am doing a Computer Programming Degree at Sheffield Hallam University (oh the maths! :eek: its torture but the rest is fun)

my friends and peers say i have a very random and hyper but down the earth attitude and am always a laugh to be with, but i do have my serious side and am a good listener and people feel they can come to me when they need to tlk

well i cant really stay here that long so i will leave it at that if you wanna ask anything else email me

Hi Gex, welcome to DaniWeb from another South Yorkshire resident...