Hello. I go by JWig online. I am the webmaster of CLGI.org, and various other sites for friends (see signature). This site (DaniWeb) has helped me as I learn webmastering. For awhile I was trying to establish my own server, using some of hubby's old equipment but had trouble and decided to start with a reseller company (Jasper Web Host). Glad I did, b/c I realized after a few months that there's more to it than I really have time to learn how to do. So I'm not going to be a "real" webhost after all :-) Anyway, I just want to say thanks for the great site, feel free to browse my websites, and keep up the good work.

- JWig

PS Those of you proficient in mysql and have time to help a church webmaster out, please keep an eye out for my next post... thanks!

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Hello JWig and welcome to this board. I'm also a newbie here doing some online marketing for an outsourcing firm.
Hope to learn a lot from you bud since I'm a newbie in the internet business :)

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