Hi! My name is Ethan Graham, I have experience in Viruses, Hacking and Web Design. I run Windows XP and sometimes use Linux SuSe 10.1. I will greatfully help anybody in need of help with viruses, penetration testing for systems and any Windows XP related problem.

If you would like, post to this thread to give your remarks, comments and hello's!

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hello Ethan,
I'm abek from Ethiopia i got ur account while i'm searching this site I'm a bignner IT student and I hope u'll help me while I'm facing a problem so plz write me soon and we'll be good friends.Till next have a good time


Hi Abek, welcome to Daniweb. The way we work around here is that we all help each other, rather than give support off-site by email or whatever. That way, everyone can benefit becuase the answers will be in forum and findable by anyone with a similar problem in the future.

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