[IMG]http://i3.ebayimg.com/05/s/08/24/3e/f8_1.JPG[/IMG]just working

I started to sell on Ebay as a necessity. My hubby and I were helping to raise our 3 youngest grand children due to medical problems with their mother.We enjoyed and ok lets face the Grand Parents worst Night mare)and somethings DIDN'T enjoy having them around. It was a hard road but we made it. And I am happy to report all are doing well even mother.

What started out of need ended up continuing due to my pleasure in bring you,our customers a great quilty at a low price. I even get a big thank you now and again. That just makes my day.

I am a writer of poetry,short stories and Lyrics.I love to play spades on line. And do so when I am not working.I play at hardwood spades of silvercreekentertainment.com

My id on hardwood is jury,maybe you have seen me around,or even beat me at spades.Next time we meet say hi and lets kick some spade bootie lololI have been married 29 years this past August 19th 2006 He is a wonderful person and even helps me on ebay as often as possible. I hope to see you soon. Judy

Hi Judy, welcome to DaniWeb....